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So that’s who Finnick loves, a poor mad girl back home. <3

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But now I’m lost at sea, slowly drifting to shore.

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I don’t know if the facebook post is really Garrett considering the role but I dont care. I’ll sit in a corner sobbing and watching this on repeat and pretend he’s really Finnick.


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meet me down by the whale watch, meet me down by the sea.

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I never thought I’d lose you,

No not this way.

But you did, you did leave me.

I’d rather be dead than be without you.

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a study in handwriting » the hunger games

Katniss Everdeen Mellark. OTP.

Peeta writes like a girl lol

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Finnick’s last words repeated in Annie’s head. “Yes. Katniss already told me that Finn’s gone. But no. I don’t believe her, I don’t believe them. He is coming back, Johanna. Finn’s coming back. We just have to wait.” “No, Annie,” Johanna sighed. “Finnick is not coming back this time.”

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And suddenly, it’s as if there’s no one in the world. They collide, enfold, lose their balance… Clinging into one being. 
Indivisible. No one seeing them could doubt their love.

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